About Us

Jews United for Justice (JUFJ) was created in April, 1998, by a small group of Jews in the greater Washington, DC area. Drawing on a tradition of Jewish commitment to justice and the talents and dedication of our leaders, JUFJ is a grassroots community that seeks to repair the world by concentrating on issues of local concern.

Our mission is to lead greater Washington-area Jews (in DC, Montgomery County, Baltimore, and beyond) to act on our shared Jewish values by pursuing justice and equality in our local community.

We are a community of folks of all ages and from all over the greater Washington and Baltimore region. JUFJ provides Jews with an opportunity to weave together Judaism and activism and creates a community in which to explore and strengthen commitments to both.

Embedded in our Jewish tradition is the concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world), which teaches us that as Jews we have a responsibility to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed, both within and outside our community. Once slaves in Egypt--and strangers in many lands since--we learn from our history and liturgy the importance of adding our voices to a universal call for justice. As members of a community that has experienced both prejudice and privilege, we have a unique understanding of and commitment to social justice wherever we find ourselves.

As Jews of the greater Washington-Baltimore region, we strive to be agents of change, repairing the world by concentrating on issues of local concern.

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