You Can Take it With You: Favors

Some hosts offer their guests a small gift – a reminder of the occasion and an expression of thanks for their presence.*

Bentschers as Favors

At many Jewish weddings and some bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, guests are given printed bentschers/prayer and song booklets as a party favor.

Tzedakah as Favors

An excellent way to honor your guests and to incorporate tzedakah into your simchah is to make a donation on their behalf. Use table tents to inform your guests that a gift was made in their name and relay some information about the organization’s mission.

Fair Trade Certified™ Chocolate as Favors

If you’d like to give sweets as a party favor, consider Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate. Purchasing fairly-traded chocolaten supports cocoa farmers’ cooperatives and takes a stand against the poverty wages and forced child labor that have been documented on some West African cocoa farms. Two companies offering 100% Fair Trade chocolate:

For Teens: Sustainable T-Shirts as Favors

Some bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, in particular, end with each guest being given a personalized T-shirt or sweatshirt. The growing of conventional

cotton is particularly chemically intensive, and sweatshop conditions are a serious concern in the apparel industry. If you do decide to print clothing as favors, consider organically-grown cotton shirts produced under fair labor conditions. Look for green vendors:

* But then again ...

“We chose not to give out favors or anything else. We felt that people would treasure our wedding as much without a knickknack to take home with them, and that it would reduce our consumption to skip that step. “No one has ever mentioned it to us. We don’t think anyone was thinking, ‘That was a great wedding, but you know what it was missing? A party favor!’”—Jacob & Suzanne Feinspan, Adams Morgan