Maryland Fight For $15 Campaign Kickoff

Please join the Maryland Fight For $15 Coalition as we kick off our 2018 campaign to raise Maryland's minimum wage to $15 per hour! We are coming together to say that Maryland families deserve $15 per hour! Please stand with us as we unite for a stronger tomorrow!

We will be coming together in the spirit of Dr. King as we seek to reclaim the promise of eradicating poverty across America. Dr. King understood that the struggle for civil rights would remain incomplete until the issue of poverty was addressed. It is not enough for people of different races to be able to sit at the same lunch counter together if those same individuals do not earn enough money to be able to afford a meal at that lunch counter. Dr. King understood that injustice takes many forms, and it is not limited to the Deep South. Please stand up and speak out in favor of this important struggle for economic justice for all workers! #FF15MD