Panel: Baltimore's Water Crisis

Baltimore’s current water billing system isn’t working for Baltimoreans, but it’s also not working for the water system’s own finances

Water rates have quadrupled since 2000 in Baltimore and an increase in cruel collections methods have followed — since then thousands of people have lost running water in their homes over unpaid bills, renters have been evicted, and since 2015 about 1,700 homeowners have faced possible foreclosure after the city sold liens to their homes at tax sale.

Now, a new study by Roger Colton, the country's leading utility affordability expert and an independent consultant with Fisher, Sheehan and Colton, has revealed not only the depth of this crisis but also the dangers it poses on the water system’s own finances.

Join us for a panel sharing why we’re in this lose-lose situation, and how alternative water billing programs would work for Baltimoreans and DPW. It is a matter of public health, equity, justice —and fiscal responsibility.

Speakers will include:

Delegate Mary Washington, District 43
Rev. Dr. Alvin J. Gwynn Sr, President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Baltimore
Roger Colton, Fisher, Sheehan and Colton and author of “Baltimore’s Conundrum: Charging for Water/Wastewater Services that Community Residents Cannot Afford Pay.”