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MD Public Safety Hearing: Support HB1071

Maryland State
Miller Senate Office Building
11 Bladen St, Annapolis, MD

Jewish sacred texts declare that destroying even one life is akin to destroying a whole world. Unfortunately, we know that in Maryland, lives are destroyed every day, especially Black and brown lives, by our system of policing. Join us at the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing for HB1071, which would reduce unnecessary, harmful interactions with the police.

MD Labor Justice Hearing: Support SB828

Maryland State
Lowe House Office Building
6 Bladen St, Annapolis, MD

Nearly everyone needs time away from work at some point to care for a relative, deal with a serious personal illness, or welcome a baby. Our Torah understands this reality, and our sacred texts implore employers to do right by their employees. Join us in Annapolis at the House Economic Matters Committee hearing for SB828, which would implement paid family and medical leave strongly and equitably.