ACTION ALERT: Don’t Delay Domestic Workers’ Dignity

Every working person deserves to be treated with respect, whether they work in an office, a restaurant, a construction site, or in a home. Have you ever had a domestic worker (like a home health aide) work in your home? Have you worked as a domestic worker like a cleaner or a nanny? Or do you simply believe strongly in the importance of dignity for all workers? Please let us know!

ACTION ALERT: Maryland Needs Strong Police Oversight!

Maryland needs strong police oversight. The Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission (MPTSC) has proposed harmful regulations to the Police Advisory Boards and Administrative Charging Committees. Urge your representative or the leadership in the Maryland General Assembly to make necessary changes to the regulations and call for a public hearing!

ACTION ALERT: Stop Unconstitutional Practices in the Sheriff’s Office!

Demand that the Sheriff make immediate changes and call on the Baltimore City Council to cut the Sheriff’s budget by 50% until they comply with our demands. 

ACTION ALERT: We Need to Implement the Water Accountability and Equity Act!

We need to implement the Water Accountability and Equity Act without further delay!

ACTION ALERT: Tell Baltimore City to invest in our communities, not in our police department!

The budget is a moral document, and indicates what a community values. Mayor Scott’s proposed budget does not reflect the morality, values, or needs of our communities.

ACTION ALERT: Halt Baltimore Evictions!

We must halt evictions in Baltimore City during the COVID-19 pandemic.