Government should fight racism, not enable it

JUFJ works toward racial equity in DC in many ways. Along with several other organizations, we are part of the DC Initiative on Racial Equity and Local Government. We are also part of the COS-DC coalition, which pushes for Community Oversight of Surveillance.

The DC Initiative on Racial Equity and Local Government

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Centuries of segregation, discrimination, and structural racism have led to vast racial inequity in DC. The District government should pursue policies, regulations, and programs that make our city more racially equitable, not perpetuate these disparities. As a member of the DC Initiative on Racial Equity and Local Government, we are advocating for progressive policy solutions to break down barriers. 

The DC Initiative supports implementation of the REACH Act, which will promote more equitable governmental policy and practice. It requires:

  • That all bills proposed by the DC Council be evaluated for racial equity impact
  • Racial equity training for all government employees
  • The establishment of a Racial Equity Office to advance racial equity throughout the DC government, evaluate progress, and bring much-needed expertise to city leadership
  • The establishment of a Race, Equity, and Social Justice Commission, with commissioners who have real, lived experience with injustice, to oversee the District’s racial equity efforts

The bill passed in the Fall of 2020.

Community Oversight of Surveillance in DC (COS-DC)

Currently, law enforcement agencies use surveillance technology without any public oversight. This threatens the rights of all District residents, and disproportionately targets Black and brown, low-income, Muslim, and immigrant communities, as well as activist groups.

JUFJ is a member of Community Oversight of Surveillance DC (COS-DC), a coalition of organizations and individuals trying to end the unchecked surveillance of DC communities. We’re working to pass legislation that would require transparency, meaningful public input, and Council approval for all government uses of surveillance technologies.

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