Montgomery County TRUST ACT

Montgomery County

Immigrants in Montgomery County are afraid.

Since the day the U.S. President began running for office, he’s targeted immigrants with his words and, later, with his actions. Just recently, the Supreme Court upheld his administration’s racist, xenophobic travel ban. In light of all the anti-immigrant rhetoric and action by federal law enforcement, many don’t trust the government or legal system. They worry that if they interact with the police at all, they might be reported or physically handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Even if they have legal status, ICE may find a way to deport them anyway.

None of this should be happening. The policy of local law enforcement in Montgomery County is not to coordinate with ICE without a judicial warrant (court order), but unfortunately folks are right to be afraid: the policy that is supposed to prevent local cops from handing people over to ICE isn’t clear. Because of this, the police sometimes disregard the policy. Even immigrants with legal status are afraid to interact with the police, which makes the police less able to do their jobs and puts the entire community at risk. So, we are working on a campaign to pass a Trust Act Ordinance in Montgomery County.

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