Jewish tradition teaches that all people have inherent dignity and equal value, and that in a just world all people would have what the Torah calls dei machsoro, resources sufficient for their needs. We are called to be partners in the creation of that world, to build a better future than we inherited — in this time, that call is louder than ever. As we see the dramatic actions that governments, and businesses, and people all across the world are taking, we know this to be true: bold action can indeed be taken when needed. We don’t merely need to envision a just world. We can choose to make it possible.

We must not just recover from the impacts of COVID-19; we must recover justly. We have a chance now to rebuild our city and our world. Let’s not rebuild the same world with the same cracks. Let us rebuild a better world, a more equitable world, a more just world. DC needs a truly just recovery.

A #JustRecoveryDC must:

  1. Put People First
  2. Commit to Transparency
  3. Meet Human Needs
  4. Demand Racial Justice
  5. Choose to Raise Revenue

Take action towards a truly just recovery by joining us at a virtual event or taking action online. See details below, and contact an organizer if you want to get more involved in this campaign.

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    June 10 | 6:30 pm8:00 pm

    Join JUFJ to learn about how you can take action to push the DC Council to fund a just and equitable recovery from COVID-19

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