No one should be forced to make impossible choices between caring for the people we love and earning the money we need. With a paid family and medical leave program in DC we can improve workplace standards and ensure that families have the financial stability they need when life happens!

Being there when your loved ones need you — or when you need you — is not negotiable!


JUFJ is a lead partner with the DC Paid Family Leave Coalition, a diverse collection of local businesses, community institutions, service providers, and advocacy organizations.

Thanks to the JUFJ community, the DC Paid Family Leave Coalition, and every person, family, business, and organization who lent time, energy, passion, and creativity to the campaign, the DC Council passed a precedent-setting paid family and medical leave policy in December 2016 that became law in April 2017.

The campaign isn’t over yet: now we need to make sure the District efficiently and effectively implements its paid leave program! Join us as we hold our government accountable and protect the rights we worked so hard to codify into law. Check out the latest update from the campaign here. Sign up for email updates here.

Help your business prepare for paid leave tax collection beginning July 2019 and follow the District’s latest progress on paid leave implementation by checking out their new DC Paid Family Leave website. 

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