What we’re working for:

We want a bill that raises the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2016, raises the tipped wage to 70% of the minimum wage, and indexes the minimum wage to inflation. Read a summary of the Minimum Wage Bill.

How Raising the minimum wage has positive ripple effects:

Read this factsheet to learn about the positive effects of raising the minimum wage and how to counter widespread myths about supposed negative impacts of raising the minimum wage.

Memorize these 10 quick facts that explain the impact raising the minimum wage will have on not just those making minimum wage, but the whole Maryland population.

Why raising the minimum wage is a Jewish issue:

The Torah and Talmud exhort us over and over to treat workers with dignity and respect. Download our text study to use with any Jewish or non-Jewish group.

Why Raising the Minimum wage fights racial and gender-based discrimination

Women and people of color make up a disproportionate percentage of minimum wage earners in the state of Maryland.

Why We Care:

Numerous JUFJers submitted written and oral testimony to the Maryland Senate Finance Committee about why they believe Judaism compels us to raise the minimum wage.

JUFJ board member Bob Barkin spoke as part of Labor on the Bima this year at Congregation Adat Shalom. He recalled his minimum wage jobs as a teenager and exhorted the congregation to heed the admonition of Parsha Nitzavim to not think oneself immune to misfortune. Read his remarks.