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JUFJ Montgomery County 2020 Voter Guide: FOR Questions 1, A, and C. AGAINST Questions B and D.

JUFJ was excited to host a Town Hall earlier this month with Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass and Chief Administrative Officer Rich Madaleno talking about the ballot questions we will be voting on this Fall. We are grateful to everyone who attended and who brought great questions, and especially grateful to our guest speakers.

For those who couldn’t attend, we are sharing the recording, presentation slides, and transcript of our meeting here, along with other resources to better understand the ballot questions and to take action to support Questions A and C, and oppose Questions B and D.

Carol Stern on Zoom presents actions we can take

As a guide to watching, here are timestamps for relevant sections of the recording:

  • Goals of the Town Hall: 1:10
  • JUFJ’s Jewish Values: 2:06
  • Presentation on Montgomery County Taxes by JUFJ leader Bruce Turnbull: 4:08
  • Questions A/B with Acting Chief Administrative Officer Rich Madaleno: 10:45
  • Questions C/D with Councilmember Evan Glass: 28:39

The complete powerpoint slides may not be visible in the recording, but you can view them at the button above, as well as answers to frequently asked questions from the Town Hall.

You can take action on these important questions in a few ways:

  • Share JUFJ’s Voter Guide with your friends and family
  • Here is the call-to-action shared throughout the evening, where you can sign up to spread the word through calling, texting, emailing, or hosting a virtual house meeting about the ballot questions.
  • You can also phonebank against Question B with our partners at Progressive Maryland on Tuesday evenings (6:00-7:30 PM) orMontgomery County DSA on Wednesday evenings (6:30 PM for training, 7:00 PM to make phone calls). Click here to RSVP for Tuesdays and here for Wednesdays.

We want to remind everyone that the ballot questions mentioned during the event can be found at the bottom of the ballot. For more information on how to vote this year, click here.

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