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Dear JUFJ Community,

We are writing belatedly to share the news that in 2020 Rebecca Ennen transitioned out of JUFJ after a long and tremendously fruitful time on staff. 

When the pandemic began, Rebecca was on an extended parental leave. We had initially hoped she would return from that leave in a to-be-determined new role. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic and resulting challenges of the past year it was not possible to bring Rebecca back on a schedule that we had all desired. We decided together that the time had come for Rebecca to formally transition out of a staff role and maintain her connection to JUFJ in other ways. We have been delighted and grateful that she has continued to stay engaged by volunteering her time, testifying before DC Council hearings, and as a donor.

Rebecca’s transition marks a significant moment in the life of JUFJ. Rebecca played an enormous role in shaping JUFJ. Rebecca started at JUFJ back in 2010, joining our tiny team of Jacob and Rabbi Elizabeth in a temporary role overseeing the Heschel Awards. She quickly became an integral part of JUFJ and helped shape our values, goals, and strategies. Rebecca was instrumental in our expansion from a team of three to our staff of nearly 20 people today, as well as in the dramatic growth of our budget from $250,000 a year to $1.75 million. She built JUFJ’s communications and development teams, crafting a unique Jewish voice and shared vision together with our community of staff, supporters, and activists. Rebecca also played a major role in JUFJ’s successful DC Paid Family Leave campaign and in laying the foundations of the Under 3 DC campaign.

Speaking personally, it has been a gift to spend nearly a decade working in close partnership with Rebecca: someone who is as fiercely committed to her values as she is to our relationships with each other, and who brought strategic smarts, passion, and boundless talent to our shared project of striving for justice and equity. We have been changed by our partnership, and we miss her. We know that our wider community will also deeply miss Rebecca, who has been a colleague, mentor, and friend to so many.

We have no doubt that as Rebecca begins the next chapter in her career she will continue to make a significant impact in whatever field she chooses. May she go from strength to strength. We hope she will always remain an integral part of the JUFJ community.

B’todah / with gratitude,
Rabbi Elizabeth Richman and Jacob Feinspan

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