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Monday is the deadline for three important bills to pass the Senate and move to the House, and we don’t have much time left! They are all sitting in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, where they have not yet come up for a vote.

SB817, the Trust Act, would help protect undocumented immigrants by prohibiting police from asking about citizenship status. SB774 would protect incarcerated young people from the dangerous effects of solitary confinement. SB831 would keep tenants safe from lead in their homes.

The hearings have already happened, and JUFJers showed strong support in our testimony and our emails and calls to legislators. But we need to make sure the vote happens soon so these bills become a reality.

Call your Senator today and say:

Hi, my name is ______, and I’m your constituent. I am calling to encourage Senator ______ to push for a committee vote on SB774, SB817, and SB831. These important bills will protect the rights of incarcerated young people, undocumented Marylanders, and renters. It is crucial that these bills pass the Senate by Crossover Day, and Senator _____ can make that happen by passing them out of committee. Thank you.

Thanks for taking action to help make Maryland a place where everyone can be safe and thrive.

To help us know what kind of power we have together, click on the button below and let us know if you reached your Senator!

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