Bennet joined JUFJ in August of 2017. More than anything else, he believes in the power of masses of ordinary people to change the world — which is probably why he’d take a 3-mile protest march over a cushy legislator meeting any day. He can often be found haunting the coffee shops of Baltimore looking for people to organize, so get in touch if you’re ready to get involved in the fight for justice!


Bennet is a graduate in philosophy and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies from Columbia University. He started his organizing career as an overly confident 4th grader fighting for queer liberation, and has gone on to rabble rouse for any number of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice fights ever since. In his free time, Bennet is a spirited davener and a wannabe public intellectual studying all things Jewish and radical.

He can be contacted by phone at (513) 659-1446.

Elizabeth HJoanna