Elizabeth started at JUFJ in August 2016 as an Avodah Corps Fellow and Community Organizer. She stayed on as an organizer in DC after her fellowship ended. Her organizing background is in economic justice and labor issues like Fight for $15 and paid leave, both of which she worked on in NYC before coming to JUFJ. At JUFJ she has worked on paid leave, affordable housing, and fair elections. Elizabeth is currently a JOFEE Fellow. She is also the DC Field Organizer with our sister organization, the JUFJ Campaign Fund.

Elizabeth is from Los Angeles, so she loves sunshine, avocados, and citrus. She is a big fan of coffee — not to be confused with covfefe — to-do lists, and co-working. When she’s not organizing, she’s probably hanging out at a park, dog watching, or building the infrastructure on her master plan to take over the world. She has a degree in Jewish ethics from JTS and a degress in political science from Columbia.

Elizabeth can be contacted by phone at (336) 740-4111.