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In addition to the legislative and funding campaigns where JUFJ engages in a full scope of work each session, we also take additional positions in consultation with our partners and the Maryland Core Team (JUFJ’s Maryland volunteer leadership team). Staff has to limit the number of campaigns JUFJ works to match our organizational capacity, but also wants to be responsive to the needs of our partners and the rapid pace of Annapolis. To maximize our effectiveness, we impact additional campaigns in a more limited way by submitting official JUFJ testimony and/or signing JUFJ’s name to a list of supporters.

For more information about the type of activities we do based on the scope of work of our various campaigns, click here.

Testimony Only:

  • Immigrant Rights:
    • Support: Maryland Health Benefit Exchange and Maryland Department of Health – Health Care Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants – Report (Medicaid Expansion) (SB806/HB363)
  • Renters’ Rights:
    • Support: Landlord and Tenant – Failure to Repair Serious and Dangerous Defects – Tenant Remedies (Tenant Safety Act) (SB807/HB691)
    • Support: Landlord and Tenant – Residential Leases and Holdover Tenancies – Local Just Cause Termination Provisions (SB504/HB684)
  • Transforming Public Safety:
    • Oppose: Public Information Act – Personnel Records – Police Officers (SB747):
  • Labor Justice:
    • Oppose: Maryland Healthy Working Families Act – Seasonal Temporary Workers (HB1015)

Sign On Only: 

  • Stay tuned!

As we build on our organizing and advocacy from the past few years, JUFJ prioritizes deepening relationships with existing partners and coalitions and honoring the commitments we have made in past years.

For more information about our agenda setting process for the Maryland 2023 state legislative session, click here.

Campaign Organizers