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Whoever withholds an employee’s wages, it is as though he has taken the person’s life from her.

– Babylonian Talmud, Bava Metzia 112a 

Nobody should have to choose between their job and caring for their family. Nearly everyone needs time away from work at some point to care for a relative, deal with a serious personal illness, or welcome a baby, but many Marylanders can’t afford to take unpaid leave. Rabbi Hillel teaches us that we can’t separate ourselves from our community; we all have a responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and care. We must make sure that all people can take time to be with their families and attend to their own health.

The People: All Marylanders who work and who need time to care for relatives or themselves, especially new parents, people with chronic conditions, families of military personnel, low-income and part-time workers, small business employees, and self-employed people.

The Legislation: The Time to Care Act would provide replacement income for people who need to take up to 12 weeks off from work to take care of themselves or their families through a public insurance fund. Small contributions from both employees and employers would provide money for the fund. SB539is sponsored by Senator Antonio Hayes (Baltimore City) and HB839 is sponsored by Delegate Kris Valderrama (Prince George’s County)

Key Partners: Time to Care Coalition, AARP, Maryland Family NetworkSEIU

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