JUFJer Heidi testifying virtually for the Montgomery County Council Public Hearing

Montgomery County Testimony

Thanks for being part of JUFJ’s campaigns for a more just Montgomery County! Submitting testimony to the County Council is a powerful piece of our advocacy work. Hearing the stories and personal narratives of community members is an important component of moving elected officials to take action on the issues JUFJ and our coalition partners care about. Writing testimony does not have an in-person component and may be done completely virtually.

If you are interested in writing testimony to submit to the Montgomery County Council, select “Testimony Interest” below and a JUFJ staff member or experienced testifier will help you get started. If you are ready to draft your testimony, select “Testimony Guide” below for templates, instructional videos, tips and tricks, and more. If your testimony is ready to submit, select “Submit Testimony” and we will guide you through sharing your testimony with JUFJ staff and submitting it to the correct committee(s).