JUFJ has been working with partners on police accountability since 2015. In this moment of national outrage and uprising due to racist police violence, we are more called than ever to truly transform public safety in our region. Decades of work to reform police departments has proven ineffective. We must couple reform with a transition away from a reliance on police to an investment in Black communities and development of alternatives to policing.

We are working with Organizing Black and our other partners from the Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs to reduce the Baltimore Police Department’s budget in order to invest in life-giving services for the people of our city.


For Baltimore City residents:

Charter Amendment 19-0379 has been signed by Mayor Young and approved by the Board of Estimates, so that it will now appear on the November ballot. This Charter Amendment will grant City Council the authority to reallocate funds in the budget, not just make cuts. Stay tuned for ways to take action!

To read more about what a Charter Amendment is and what it would do, click here.

For Baltimore County residents:

Councilman Julian Jones, in coordination with the County Executive, introduced a bill that would hold Baltimore County police accountable to the community, restrict use of force, and to make sure that officers who do the right thing are protected from retaliation. Unfortunately, this bill was extremely watered down and did not shift the balance of power away from police into the hands of the community.

JUFJ supported the bill only with the following amendments:

  • Extend whistleblower protections
  • Require that the Chief of police publicly presents an annual public report before the County Council
  • Specify that trained civilians will be appointed as voting members on BCoPD disciplinary hearing boards

Unfortunately, the Baltimore County Council passed this bill WITHOUT the strengthening amendments. Click here to see the final bill language. Check back later for further actions to take for accountable policing in Baltimore County.

We’re making calls in Baltimore County for police accountability. Email rianna@jufj.org if you’d like to pitch in.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

For an analysis of why we only support Councilmember Jones’ bill #96-20 if amended, read more here.

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