JOIN for Justice: Jewish Organizing Institute & Network

Don’t Kvetch, Organize!

Since 2020, JUFJ has partnered with JOIN for Justice on a JUFJ-specific cohort of their Don’t Kvetch, Organize!” course. This course examines different ways community organizing has been used to build a more just world for all and how our Jewish tradition and history inform our own commitments and approaches to acting for justice. 

The JUFJ cohort uses the same materials and curriculum as other “Don’t Kvetch, Organize!” courses, but it is facilitated by JUFJ organizers and all participants are encouraged to connect the ideas and skills learned in the course to JUFJ’s campaign work and our local political environment.

Don’t Kvetch, Organize! 2023

The 2023 Don’t Kvetch, Organize! course will take place in the summer, with a mix of virtual and in-person learning. This course is open to people of all Jewish backgrounds, with no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish texts required or expected. Details about the course and the interest form to join this year’s cohort are below.