Thanks to everyone who voted in the 2018 Maryland Primaries!

Click on the button below to find your current state legislators. After the General Election in November, come back and click again to see who your new legislators are! Check out our Election Resources pages to see important dates and information for the General Election.

The 2018 Maryland General Assembly started with a big win: we won sick leave for 700,000 Marylanders!

Every year JUFJniks from Baltimore, Montgomery County, and across the state of Maryland join forces to fight for justice during the 90 days of the General Assembly session. We bring Purim gifts to legislators while we demand that they work for the people, not for corporate lobbyists.

Check out our campaign platforms for Equal Justice Under the Law and Economic Justice for Working Marylanders, our 2018 campaign teams.


When we’re not in Annapolis, Marylanders from all over are more than welcome at JUFJ events and campaigns in Baltimore, Montgomery County, or DC!

Related Events

  • Racism and Antisemitism Workshop 1: Dushaw Hockett

    October 25 | 7:00 pm9:00 pm

    In community organizing we make change by building the collective power of individuals. Organizing for racial equity can work the same way. No matter who we are, we all carry implicit bias within us that affects the way we see, treat, and form relationships with other people.

  • Racism and Antisemitism Workshop 2: George Derek Musgrove

    November 8 | 6:30 pm8:30 pm

    It’s always important to understand the history of the places we live, work, and organize in. That’s even more true when that place happens to be our nation’s capital, a city that has often served as a national battleground over things like slavery, segregation, civil rights, the drug war, and…

  • JUFJ Montgomery County Community Convening

    November 19 | 6:30 pm9:00 pm

    Join JUFJ Montgomery County at our first monthly community convening! Each convening is a space for you to connect with other JUFJ leaders and supporters, stay updated on our ongoing projects, and take action with us on one of our campaigns. All are welcome. The first half hour will be a general inf…

Maryland Organizers

Fight for $15

House of Delegates

Fight for $15: Senate

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    Environment and Transportation Committee

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    "Second Reader"

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    "Third Reader"

Fight for $15: House

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TRUST Act: Senate

  • In Subcommittee

  • In Committee

  • First Floor Vote

  • Second Floor Vote

TRUST Act: House

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  • In Committee

  • First Floor Vote

  • Second Floor Vote