Every year JUFJers from across the state of Maryland join forces to fight for justice during the General Assembly session (January to April). Thank you to everyone who participated in our campaigns for the 2024 legislative session! Click here to read about everything that we accomplished together.

Click the buttons below to learn about our issue campaigns and to get involved in our statewide work between sessions and in the 2025 legislative session.

2024 Annapolis Agenda

Jews United for Justice (JUFJ) works in coalition and partnership with grassroots and advocacy groups to build and win issue campaigns. Our approach is based on our commitment to racial equity and dismantling systems of oppression, which includes centering the leadership of our most directly impacted partners and being as transparent as possible about our agenda selection process.

When we select campaigns, we keep in mind our goals of organizing and mobilizing our base, strengthening coalitions we are part of, and shifting the balance of power in our local communities. In 2024 we had four full scope of work campaigns and we engaged in other campaigns in a more limited way.

Click on an issue area below to learn more about our four full scope of work campaigns; to learn about the more limited campaigns, click on “Additional Legislative Positions.” For more information about our agenda setting process for the Maryland 2024 state legislative session, click here.


Economic Justice

Everyone should have resources sufficient for their needs.

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Healthcare is a Human Right

Immigrant Rights

All people have a right to be safe and to thrive, regardless of immigration status.

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Court/Prison Reform

Our justice system must become truly just for everyone in our state.

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Renters’ Rights

We all have a right to safe, stable, affordable housing — no exceptions.

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