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God said in the covenant with Abraham: “I will establish a home for my people Israel and will plant them firm, so that they shall dwell secure and shall tremble no more.” During this public health emergency, it is vital that people be able to stay secure in their homes. But many vulnerable Montgomery County residents can barely meet their monthly rent payments and have no financial safety net. It is imperative that their rent at least stays stable during this pandemic, when many renters are already facing reduced income and/or job loss.

Bill 18-20, Rent Stabilization During Emergencies, will provide critical support to the over 33% of County residents who rent their homes. By providing limits to how much rent can increase during this  emergency and in the 180 days following the emergency, this bill provides housing stability to vulnerable populations.

All 9 members of the council voted in favor of Bill 18-20 on 4/23/20. The bill was passed with a weakening amendment introduced by Councilmember Tom Hucker to allow rent increases up to 2.6%.

Please thank Councilmember Will Jawando on Twitter (@willjawando) or Facebook (@Councilmemberjawando) for his leadership on this bill. 

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